Video Interviews with Brad Szollose Broken Down Into Different Questions

An Introduction to Brad Szollose, Jennie and Spirit Reunions Sanctuary

Q: Let’s talk about silver spoon. You talk about this in the book and this was, I guess, your spirit guide. Let’s start there.

Q: I loved when you told this story in the book, where silver spoon put you through an experience where he didn’t come to defend you. You had to learn to defend yourself. Let’s talk about that a little bit

Q: You talked about this on our first time on the show, but you, there was a time, I think you were a teenager or I forget when it was, but you decided to let this family know Something and it was the 1st time you really let other people outside know your gifts

Q:That’s funny when people get really upset, because a lot of times it’s the, newness of this, they’ve never experienced it.

Q:What made you want to write the book? By the way? 

Q: you help people by also talking about some of the types of entities that are out there, the shadows, things like that. You want to talk just briefly about that and then we’ll, get back up.

Q: I want to talk about some of your abilities.

Q: your brother had an experience with the 911 call when you were, you guys were young where it just didn’t make sense. Let’s talk about that one because I found that fascinating in the book

Q: there are those of us who have always been here going. Hey, do you see that? That’s an illusion. And so I, I see all this. Let’s talk about that

Q: Did that ever happen to you or anybody around you where you literally were shattered awake?

Q: what I’m seeing right now is a huge shift on planet earth where people have chosen truth. Let’s talk about that.

Q: we are awakening, we are breaking through the illusion and we are starting to see what is really going on on planet earth. Let’s talk about that.

Q: I’ve been to Jenny’s retreat by the way, ladies and gentlemen is, the energy over there is just phenomenal. And you have all these cabins on the property. Let’s talk about that

Q: I’ve been there with friends and I’ve met some people there where we become lifelong friends.