When we become the quantum humans we truly are, connected to expanded states of awareness, we let go of our ego’s need to attach to what we think we know. Things we have only observed rather than experienced. We begin to speak from a point of knowing through true experience rather than assumptions based on mindsets and belief programs. We are free to experience with an open mind in every moment, knowing that no new moment is the same as the last. We are always experiencing and creating a new potential reality in every now moment. Through each expanded potential reality, we decide consciously (rather than unconsciously) what we wish to create and experience. In this expanded awareness we are always creating from a point of highest potentials for all.  This state of being is guided by our higher self which is always connected to higher truth and love. This is the new consciousness and it is magical when we encounter others who are focused on this empowered state of being as well. It’s really the only way to exist in the natural flow of all that simply is.