Glossary of Spiritual Terms

Glossary of Spiritual Terms


The amygdala (ego) is the part of our brain that acts as a computer interface between the centrum (Source connected) part of our brain and Source. It records reality as we experience it and protects us from pain and trauma; it is focused on our survival; when directed to give up its control, it articulates Light Language coming from the centrum. It allows us to operate in lower density timelines while being tethered to Source; it is our mortal brain that operates in linear time.


The Ankh is an ancient symbol that has been used for centuries. It is often seen as a symbol of life, eternal life, and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. The Ankh is also a symbol of ascension, as it is believed


Ascension is the process of raising one's vibration and expanding one's consciousness to co-create through Source and light body.

Artificial Timeline (or Reality)

An artificial timeline (or reality) is a matrix reality that is a holographic computer-generated simulation. A reality that is similar to a video game.

Body Aura

The body aura is the electromagnetic field around the body that contains a unique frequency that can be seen as color.


Our immortal God mind; a pyramid shaped part of the brain connected to Source that streams Light Language to the amygdala. It is a tachyon chamber within our brain that streams Living Light from Source into our physical body.

Christ Consciousness

Unique higher consciousness of Source that manifests through the living Christ.

Collective Consciousness

Groups of energies, co-creating reality through a similar awareness and intention


Energy that is aware of itself


Organizations that promote belief systems attached to the experience of others rather than direct experience and do not encourage independent thought


Slower frequency, more solid physical reality


Varying frequency planes of existence


The ability to receive information through Light Language

Energy Body or Field/Electromagnetic Field

The vibrational field around the physical body connected to Source.


Souls that are un-embodied and vibrating at a lower frequency

Essence Self

Another word for Spirit and higher self


The rate of speed at which something vibrates

Frequency Healing

Various frequencies that are known to produce healing in the body


A Spirit that exists in the higher dimensions who chooses to assist someone they love in the lower dimensions; they do not allow any lower entities to influence the person they are guiding


Fifth dimensional planes where the aspect of our higher self or Spirit returns to their higher vibrational state of being after having a dense physical Earth experience.

Higher Heart Stargate

Our Source connected heart that is accessing Living Light and able to feel the unconditional love from Spirit.

Higher Self

Another word for Spirit and essence self that generally exists in the 5th up to the 7th dimensional planes.

Holographic Reality

Superimposed layers of computer-generated information that create the illusion of a three-dimensional reality


The ability to travel between dimensions

Ley or Grid Lines

Energy light lines on the earth that serve as a communication network and a vibrational healing network for earth

Light Body

Our vibrational body that houses our Spirit aspect (or soul) and connects it to the physical body; it is the consciousness inside of us that communicates with the essence self and accesses different dimensions

Light Codes

Information coming through Light Language from Source clearing distorted vibrations in our energy field and physical body.

Light Therapy

light that carries various vibrational frequencies that are known to produce healing in the body

Linear Time

an artificial time construct that exists within the artificial timelines

Lions Gate

the Sirius portal that opens every year between July 28th and August 12th and peaks on August 8th

Living Light

high frequency Source particles that are faster than the speed of three-dimensional light; what NASA calls Tachyons


low vibrational energy that is created through conflict and distorted creation

Lower Self

lower vibrational aspects of us that are immersed in distorted creation

Matrix (Artificial)

a holographic three-dimensional simulated reality


the light body’s vehicle for moving between different vibrational dimensions


the ability to access multiple different planes or dimensions of existence that vibrate at different frequencies through light body.

One Consciousness

some refer to this as “the void”; it is where Source creative energy exists in a superposition state waiting to be told what to create; all energy is in a state of oneness here until it aspects itself into a variety of different frequencies of creation


not limited by the 3rd dimensional laws of linear time; the ability of Spirit to be in multiple places at once

Organic Timeline (or Reality)

dimensional realities that exist in different vibrational frequencies through Source outside of the artificial simulated matrix


the merging of energy that creates empathic information transfers

PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

frequency that mimics the earth frequency and assists with healing the body

Planes of existence

dimensional realities


openings between different dimensions

Source Field

the Source of all creation and experience

Quantum Field/Zero Point

describes being in a space of Source time not subject to artificial linear time.

Quantum Super Position

all matter exists in its greatest potential until an observer tells it what to do through their beliefs

Quantum Time

real time according to Source.


a creation and experience; it can be an individual reality manifested or a collective manifestation of reality; collective realities are experienced as dimensional planes


The aspect of the Spirit that splits off and comes into lower vibrational dense physical reality.


Where all conscious energy originates and exists at all times

Source Alignment

Being in a state of vibration that is harmonious with Source


  The bigger part of us that exists in the higher dimensions and higher vibrations at all times; it doesn’t lower its vibration to come into the slower density physical dimensions; it can, however, aspect itself in order to have a lower vibrational, more dense physical experience if it so chooses

Spirit Aspect

A small part of the essence self that goes into lower dimensional realities to have temporary and denser physical experiences


A portal that allows light body travel between dimensions


A replacement or fill in for a specific role or experience to assist in the learning process.

Spiritual Bypassing

Choosing to attach to false Spiritual beliefs in the artificial reality rather than centering in the truth fromSource.

Spirit Reunion

Being reunited with our loved ones who have left the physical reality and exists in higher dimensional realities.

Spirit Time

Spirit can bend linear time as needed through Source time in order to help facilitate an intended creation in the physical reality

Third Eye or Pineal Gland

God eye sight that allows us to see into different dimensions


Planes or dimensions of existence of varying frequencies created by Spirt or it’s soul aspects

Trinity of Inter-dimensionality

God Brain, God Heart, God Eye

Twin Flame

When the essence self aspects into the same timeline and shares a physical experience with itself in separate physical bodies


All that exists is in motion; all creation from Source carries a vibration that is unique and cannot be mimicked or replicated


High vibrational centers of concentrated energy


A Native American word for a human mind virus (entity) that promotes self sabotage and destructive creation. A more common word for this is “narcissist”.