Hungry for Health and Freedom for Humanity

August 26 – 28 2022 

Freedom & Health isn’t just a fad or a movement, it’s living to our WHOLE COMPLETENESS”.
It Is A Lifestyle!

Have you heard what is back?

Back by popular request, the Hungry for Health and Freedom for Humanity is back after 5 years!  Maybe you want to SPONSOR, PARTICIPATE, SUPPORT, ENGAGE, MEET LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, and COMPANY MISSIONS?

Check out our attached flyer and website for all details



  • Vendor and speaker confluence to empower the world
  • Speakers from across the world
  • Empowering information to assist the world during these seemingly chaotic NOW times
  • Farm to Table Fine Dining Gala catered and presented by World Renowned Chef Organic Chef Coty Pate
  • Rainbow Warriors Missions announced for the sustainable and toxic-free living

We are delighted to extend you an invitation to be a part of our Epic Confluence and Gala.  The Time Is NOW to BE the Difference We Desire to Be!

We are super excited and honored to have teamed up with great loving organizers in India.  The Soulful Exploration will be presenting our confluence

and gala this 2022 year.  August 26 – 28 of 2022 right in the Heartland and Beat of America, Branson, Missouri!

During these pressing now times, days are gone when we plan for months in advance, due to cancellations with the ever-changing world we see.  Therefore,

we have worked diligently to put together a location and secure speakers to make this event a time filled with education, communication, fun, food, and helping

to support an ongoing mission for the Rainbow Warriors as noted on our website.

A great opportunity for your company to participate while we are able to host these unique events.

Let us know when you would like to join us.

Please see attached details and call or email us with any questions you may have.

In Healthy Creation,

The Soulful Exploration and the Rainbow Warriors’ Team

Bula and Namaste~

Your Conscious Creation Rainbow Warriors Team

The TIME is Always NOW!


Bula and Namaste~

Your Conscious Creation Rainow Warriors Team

Isabella Lynnette (Gypsy)  Co-Creator/Founder; Medicine Woman, International pulished Author and International Speaker, Minister for the Environment

Pat Brown:  Marketing Manager


Reserve Your Sacred Space with us to Sculpt your body, mind, heart and soul.

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