The Purple Nation Sovereign Camp Out

July 2 2022

Gifted psychic, Jennie Byers, believes we are moving into the quantum field together. She and her guides beyond the veil will explain how coming together in physical form assists in our remembering of who we are and where we come from. Jennie’s teaching style is down to Earth and very ‘user friendly’.

Join other freedom lovers on 4th of July weekend for two days and nights of truth sharing and celebration of our freedoms  –  surrounded by hundreds of acres of natural beauty and 2 miles of pristine rivers.

This two day and night gathering Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 3 is going to be packed with amazing presentations, discussions and performances as well as time for hiking, swimming and feasting.

Learn more and reserve your place at

Out beyond propaganda and false divisions is a field. Come join us there for real truth sharing and celebration of our freedoms.

Jennie Byers

Hungry for Health and Freedom for Humanity

August 26 – 28 2022 

Freedom & Health isn’t just a fad or a movement, it’s living to our WHOLE COMPLETENESS”.
It Is A Lifestyle!

Have you heard what is back?

Back by popular request, the Hungry for Health and Freedom for Humanity is back after 5 years!  Maybe you want to SPONSOR, PARTICIPATE, SUPPORT, ENGAGE, MEET LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE, and COMPANY MISSIONS?

Check out our attached flyer and website for all details


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