Future Projects

Spirit Reunions was inspired by my mom, Kitti Marie Byers, after her transition from her physical body to spirit. Through her continued guidance, we are in service to humanity and focused on providing space for an expanded consciousness community experience.

We have been nudged by many of you who have experienced Spirit Reunions over the years to establish a simple way for people to contribute and assist with the expansion of the center.  Your donations assist us with accommodating larger groups and attract more influential educators from around the world to our area. We are now ready to take on this greater expansion project.  We are excited to be able to more easily, and efficiently open the center to a broader spectrum of experience.  Future events will include educational workshops, public speaking events, and private group venues.

Items needed to achieve our goals include:

Event Barn: we will be building a large barn to host larger indoor events such as weddings, reunions,  celebrations of life, speakers, workshops, etc.

Outdoor stage

Indoor outdoor sound system/media equipment

Landscaping: outdoor walking (including trails) and seating areas

Expanded Electricity

Expanded Parking

Your donations are greatly appreciated. We look forward to sharing with you what your contributions have assited us with creating! Thank you so very much!


Jennie and the Spirit Reunions Sanctuary Community



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