Everything that has happened to us has happened because of us. This is a beautiful thing when things are going well for us! But some don’t like to hear this because we have been playing in victim consciousness for so long. We have made a habit of blaming our circumstances on the outside world. We have become afraid of our own authentic power to create our experience and have forgotten we are powerful creators!
The more of us who have separated from the light the bigger we co-create the control structure that victimizes us. The more of us who reconnect and carry the light, the less power that same control system we created has. It’s really that simple.
We have been playing small and suffering for long enough, wouldn’t you agree? The suffering and lack of power we experience is a result of us choosing to disconnect from the light. When we finally decide to re-connect with the light and remember who we really are, the distortions in this reality go away. They can only exist in the absence of light, which means distortions have no life force of their own. Their energy source is more distortion. Real power comes from the light and it is the kind of power that requires a surrender to love. Through the light all things are healed and transcended. The light has always been there waiting.