Spirit Reunions Sanctuary

A Sanctuary of Healing Practitioners and Educators: Offering Events, Ceremonies, Reunions, and Retreats in the Healing Cherokee Mountains of East Tennessee

It is time for us to understand the importance of coming back into connection and flow with source. We need our communities and tribes to be solid through our own personal connection. That only happens through attunement to higher love and truth that exists within each one of us.

The Sanctuary is nestled in 15 acres of forest 

We have managed to create an amazing (small) community here at Spirit Reunions Sanctuary. Going strong for three years now. We did this without any knowledge or experience about communities. We used our life experiences as examples of what love is. Every moment and decision is guided by Spirit.

Spirit Reunions Sanctuary is nestled in 15 acres of forest in the Cherokee Mountains of East Tennessee. We were guided to create and hold space for the voice of spirit and nature to reunite with the spirit of humanity. We are here in service to humanity through our surrender to love and light. Join us for a magical, sacred and spirit guided adventure.  Let the adventures begin!

What We Do

Learning together

We are constantly learning together! None of us could be thriving like this without each other.

Putting love first

We put love first and love ourselves and each other stronger because of it.

Creating together

It is so beautiful and amazing to be a part of it and witness the potential for us to create together through love!

We repel new age stuff, false belief systems of any kind, old fear programs, illusions of lack, and the ego spiritual hierarchy nonsense. 

It’s just authentic clumsy humans not taking life or themselves too seriously having fun creating our idea of heaven on earth together. The more authentic the better the flow here, regardless of what it’s about. Real, raw and hilarious.


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The Medicine Wheel

The origins

The Medicine Wheel was a tool that was commonly used in ceremonies, teachings, and therapies by the native people of North America. Within the Wheel is a representation of the interconnectedness of humans and nature; the microcosm and macrocosm, as cycles and spirals of energy.

The “Four Directions” of the wheel

are interpreted differently by different tribes, as each direction can correspond to any element of life. However, the most common interpretation of the Medicine Wheel involves the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West, and are often represented by distinctive colors such as black, red, yellow and white. Here are some other popular interpretations of the Four Directions in the Medicine Wheel:

1. Stages of life: birth, youth, adulthood, death.
2. Seasons of the year: spring, summer, winter, fall.
3. Human aspects: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.
4. Elements of nature: fire, air, water, and earth.
5. Human races: caucasian, black, asian and american indian.
6. Animals: eagle, bear, wolf, buffalo and many others.
7. Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar.


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